Saturday, 30 April 2016

Pamellia Is Back

WOW!! The Final Winter is an excellent study of the power of the milk of human kindness and a few other things. The story is a well written creative tale with believable characters you will love, hate and in some cases learn to love again. (If by chance you are a Biblical scholar, you will find a few liberties taken.) I did find a few words missing here and there, perhaps even the wrong name used on occasion. But the overall action, character development, story and creativity is what makes this book one that was difficult for me to set aside and do my every day duties.

One interesting effect this book had on me. It is obviously about a cold, snowy, windy and deadly winter. I read the book during a bit of a heat wave...90 degree F temps, 70 degree F dew point, thunder storms throughout the day...get the idea? It's been HOT here. Yet while reading this book, I kept feeling cold and thinking it was snowing outside. Weird, eh? That's what good writing can do.

5 Stars

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