Wednesday, 11 May 2016

In The Shadow Of The Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon delivers an extremely well researched look at the race to put man on the moon. This is done by following the Gemini program through to Apollo 11. The authors also take a look at the Soviet Union’s efforts to beat the US to the moon.

What really stood out for me was the effort the authors took in not just telling the story of those astronaut’s we all know well but also shining the light on all the astronauts that went into space before them. They step the reader through the Gemini and early Apollo flights weaving together the story from the astronauts themselves with good ole fashion facts.

As an audiobook I found that the narrator did a great job in delivering what was a very entertaining book. The production value was spot on and this with the subject matter led to a very nice listen indeed.
I walked away from this book with a lot more knowledge on the early space program of both Superpowers as well as a unique personal view of what it was like to reach for the stars. In the Shadow of the Moon is an example of history writing at its best.
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