Monday, 16 May 2016

The Scene Is Set

Silicon Dawn is a top notch Sci-Fi read that grabs you in the first couple of pages. This book is a prequel to the authors other book Silicon Man and can be read before or after said book. For me I thought I would start with the prequel and test the waters.

The author paints a world on a crossroad. One way leads to a world where humans and androids live happily together. The other path leads to a world where androids rule the roost. In telling this story the author touches on a lot of modern day concerns.

The story throws together a cutting edge android detective and a human detective that has massive personal trust issues guessed it androids. The interplay between these characters is a highlight of the book along with the first rate thriller that throws them together.

William Massa has set some very solid foundations and concepts for this tale. I look forward to delving into Silicon Man soon and see if he capitalises on all this great groundwork.
4 Stars

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