Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Year of the Zombie Begins

Infected Books is celebrating 15 years in the business with a great Novella series called Year of the Zombie. Each month one of their authors will be delivering a short story and to start the ball rolling here is the first two.

A great short read that kicks of a series of Novellas from some great Zombiesque authors from Infected Books. One book a month to celebrate the "Year of the Zombie." It kicks off with Adam Baker of the Output series.

While only a short read it is certainly hits hard. The story takes place in Mogadishu and combines a CIA hit and a mysterious Zombie outbreak. The two story arcs are on a collision course from the outset and provide for a tense and exciting narrative.

A great start from a very promising serious. The Year of the Zombie is looking good and I for one am going along for the ride.

4 Stars

Book two of The Year of the Zombie bring Rich Hawkins to the fore. He delivers a stellar performance packed into a small space.

He paints a picture a survival and despair in a book I can best describe as grey. It is a story of a Grandfather doing the best he can for his only remaining kin. He is doing this while all the time dealing with a chronic alcoholic problem. Be warned the end of this book will not be for everyone's taste.

Infected Books is on to a killer concept and I look forward to reading more offerings. It is fair to say after being in the business for 15 years they now what the reader wants

4.5 Stars

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