Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Very Disappointing Read

I thought long and hard before giving this book only two stars. For me the cons far outweighed the pros and made for a frustrating read.

With a title like Blind Descent one would expect the lions share of the book being about the summiting and descent of Everest. This is not the case whilst I did enjoy hearing about his travel to reach Everest it took up way to much of the book for me.

My main issues with this book was the repetitive nature of some of it...yes I got he where a Navy SEAL rescue swimmer but boy did he bang on about it. Also I truly get that he loved his family and missed them but there was not a chapter that went by where it was not mentioned at least twice. The main issue I had with the read was the overt religious nature of this book it was very overpowering and to the determent to the narrative.

Having read numerous books on Mountaineering this book fell well short for me. The author’s arrogance shines through in this book and I would recommend giving it a wide berth.    
2 Stars

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