Thursday, 7 July 2016

This Read Is SO SO SO NOT Politically Correct

This book is so wrong on so many levels that it adds up to an awesome read. But be warned this book is not for the squeamish or even slightly squeamish. Tim 3 carries on the story of one of the most bizarre and sick symbiotic relationships ever.

Tim 3 continues to expand on this great series and evolves the twisted tale even further. The virus relationship goes to a whole new level with a nice feminine touch. Those not familiar with the Tim serious it gives a very different view on the Zombie Genre.

Mark Tufo takes the gloves off and lets his inner psycho loose on the pages of this book. There is nothing politically correct about what's on these pages, but that's what it is so good about it. So sit back and enjoy the ride and prepare to be grossed out, shocked and mostly importantly laugh yourself unconsciousness.   
4.5 Stars 

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