Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Fireman

The Fireman is the second bite of the cherry for me when it comes to Joe Hill. It is fair to say my first bite was a tad on the sour side with his offering of NOS4A2 this book I am happy to say is a lot sweeter.

Fireman is solid addition to the Post Apocalypse genre with a virus being the downfall of humanity. Sounds like a familiar plot? Well yes it is but what stands out with this one is the nature of the virus, which to me added a little bit of fantasy to the tale. It brings a new meaning to "burning up".

Joe Hill has crafted a story that draws you into the narrative. What I like in particular was that the story never loses momentum during this lengthy tale. This in itself is an impressive feat and when you add that with some truly memorable character you have a first class read.

3.5 Stars

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