Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Watershed takes us into a Australian landscape were it no longer rains. It is a savage and wild post apocalyptic world in which Mad Max would feel at home. As an Australian I was over excited by the prospect of this book, so much so I may have done a small dance of joy when I found it.

Jane Abbot does a masterful job a entwining two narratives together to deliver a cohesive storyline. The World she has created has many layers which come together to create a dark new world in which the age old practice of supressing the masses is in full swing. Of course some people are trying to push back and one of the instruments used to stop this is our focus of the story.

Yet again a debut author has come out swinging and delivered a story worthy of one of the masters. Watershed delivers a great read that had me staying up way past my bedtime. I highly recommend this to one and all.    

4.5 Stars

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