Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Book of the Year 2017....Im Calling it!!!

First read of 2017 and I am calling book of the year done and dusted. After a huge last year from Nicholas Sansbury Smith this year is looking even better.
Trackers is completely different from anything offered by this talented author to date. This book is one of the best EMP disaster books I have read. The story is told in two narratives that entwine together the story a Nation under attack and a small town affected by the EMP and also in the midst of a spate of murders. As usual the characters in the story are well thought out and developed and this further enhances the narrative.
The author has managed to capture the feeling of all those great Cold War era stories when the end of the World seemed to be around the corner. The fact that Sansbury Smith has managed to deliver such a powerful read that is completely different to his others shows the depth of talent he possesses.
5 Very Big Stars


  1. Well stated. Nick has raised the bar with Trackers. All other authors are going to need to really do their research and compile stories that are equal to this, doubtful it will happen. This is the best he has done, to date.

  2. I loved it too! Best book Nick has written and the sales will be runaway I'm guessing...he deserves it too, for all the work he puts in.