Thursday, 23 February 2017


Squall delivers a good ole fashion action packed thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is my first sample of Sean Costello's and I will by trying another offering in the near future.

The story is well developed with some great characters. The hard working man, the bumbling loser who can't seem to get it together, the spiteful girlfriend, the wronged drug dealer and the hired muscle all come together in the most unlikely way. So if you like your thrillers gritty and violent with a great twist then this is for you.

3.5 Stars

Sunday, 12 February 2017

I Will Survive

As a avid horror fan I jumped for joy when I saw this title, I mean how can you say no to it. This book had me in stiches and took me back to me teenage days of the good ole gore horror.
The book is cut up into helpful chapters that cove most genres of horror. It tells you if you have a chance or if you are next to get it. It also tells you how you are going to die in all of the grisly details. The author has a wicked sense of humour that shines through this master piece of survival literature.

5 Stars