Saturday, 3 June 2017

BOOM...Its Out Of The Park!!!!!

The new kid on the block has smashed a home run yet again with Trackers 2. He has continued where he left off plunging the reader into the terrifying world in which the USA is reeling from a devastating EMP attack. Nicholas Sansbury Smith is sky rocketing his way into the big leagues and this book form the young prolific writer is a shining example of why.

This book has all the elements expected in such a book and is delivered in perfect balance. This has the end result of immersing the reader into the  story and making the read so much more rewarding. Be warned though this book is not for those looking for a relaxing read it is a full tilt action packed thriller from woe to go. Bring on the next installment I am ready an willing to jump back in.

5 Stars

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