Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Werewolves Are Back In Town

Okay people sorry for the sound of silence lately. But I am back and I have a heap of great reviews heading your way. Starting with the following:

I approached this read with some apprehension as the thought of a werewolf novel seemed a bit dated to me. I am very glad to say this book was far from that and the author bought werewolves screaming into 2017 for me.

Breeds in one of those style of books I love. It is a fantastic blend of suspense, thrills, horror and the type of sarcastic humour that leaves a smile on your dial long after the book is put down.
This is the first book of Keith C. Blackmore that I have read and if the rest of his offerings are the same he will quickly jump up into my favourite author list.

So if you are in the mood for some laughs and a battle in the snow to see who is top dog then please do yourself a favour and give Breeds a go. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

4.5 Stars

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