Wednesday, 18 July 2018


There is no school like the old school and James Herbert is one of the masters of old school. In The Rats he delivers up a squirm fest of man eating rats on the rampage through London and it's surrounds.

It is quite easy to look over such books as relic of a by gone age in which horror was valued more for its shock value than narrative. This story serves up  a strong storyline with well fleshed out characters that draw you into the story. This is complimented by a smattering of gore and terror that will sate the hunger of most horror fans.

I am eager to delve into the second book of this series to see where the rats strike next. It could be in a suburb near you so keep a wary eye out. The Rats is a great example of 70's horror that reads just as well in the new  century as it did then.

3.5 Stars

Friday, 13 July 2018

I'm Back With Mythos

Stephen Fry brings the legends and tales of the Ancient Greeks back into the public eye and does it in a completely spell binding way. I put up my hand and admit that this is my first Stephen Fry book and I feel in love with his writing style straight away.

We have all heard some of the stories from this era but if you are like me this exposure was only a small amount. So for me a lot of these where for brand new stories and Stephen Fry ability to make them relevant to readers of today is remarkable.

So if you want to return to the tales of old if you are like me hear them for the first time then you can't go past this book. I am looking forward to sampling more of Mr Fry's offerings.

4 Stars